Clans and Surnames – Product and Service Recommendations

This latest blog post announces Clans and Surnames product and service recommendations prior to our Irish family research week May 15 -19, 2017. We are happy to endorse, recommend and work with this listing.

I met with Wladimir Ledochowski at WDYTYA 2017 at the NEC in Birmingham and am very impressed with his work. Wladimir has always been interested in Genealogy and started painting family trees for friends and family as a young boy. With experience he came to realise that whilst people wanted to own his work, many were unable to pay for the 6 weeks work it typically takes to paint a bespoke family tree. During a family reunion he was asked whether it was not possible to make fine art prints of his work to share with other family members. Out of this idea grew the fine art print business he now manages. By digitizing his work and subsequently “recycling” (for lack of a better word) his paintings he can offer bespoke family trees that look hand painted. This way he can significantly reduce time spent on each custom family tree thus making the product accessible to everyone. Families can order multiple copies pf the family tree and spread the cost of the fine art print amongst themselves. By mixing technology with good old fashioned handycraft Wladimir creates a unique product that will transform your family history into a unique work of art. Wether you are looking for an ascendant or descendant family tree Wladimir can cater to most tastes and has many different variations that should appeal to everyone. His work is amazing and I am happy to discuss small and large projects, commissions and portfolios at and suggest you take a look at his website at


Wladimir Ledochowski  

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