George’s Quay, Limerick City – 1930’s – Tents by the River

Clans and Surnames Family History Presentation


After finding her ancestor, Great Grandfather, Joseph in the census, Kate Harris decided to look for his marriage certificate. This source led her to the GEORGE’S QUAY TENEMENTS in Limerick. In 1932, Bridget nee (COSTELLOE) and Joseph HARRIS were living in one of the tenement house on George’s Quay when it collapsed. There was such a shortage of houses at the time that the residents were housed in tents beside the river across from the houses old location. Tents by the River 1930s housed the occupants of the collapsed tenement.


While on campaign in Limerick, Eamon De Valera saw the tents and organised for homes to be built in the Castle Barracks to house the residents. This is what led to houses being built within the walls of King John’s Castle which was used as the Castle Barracks. This fascinating journey is now live and can be viewed at Kate Harris Family History – Urban Roots Kate brings us on a detailed journey detailing her sources and how she uses them to uncover an urban past. The presentation can be viewed here HARRIS family Journey


Aaron Mullane talking about his genealogy journey while on placement with Lorna Moloney -Merriman Research and our Clans and Surnames project. A fascinating look at German emigration to Ireland with Operation Shamrock, Mullane Ancestry and family stories. The presentation can be seen on youtube at Mullane Family History – Operation Shamrock


Operation Shamrock was a scheme bringing refugee children from mainland Europe to Ireland in 1945. It was organised by the Irish Red Cross and involved about 500 children, mostly from Germany, who stayed for three years before returning home. 

Aaron’s grandmother never returned home and his presentation tell us why. 


Ciaran Walshe bring us on a wonderful Journey showing his ancestral roots in County Mayo. Titled “Horseshoes, Hay, Blankets, Jaguars and Moonshine: Things we made along the way” opens an exploration into the Coyne, Ormbsy and Walshe family. This leads us into the world of emigration and links to the possible ancestral connections to “Legs Diamond” – a gangster in 1920’s America.