Clans and Surnames at Back to Our Past in the RDS 21 – 23 October

Clans and Surnames are at Back to Our Past 2016 this year. Back to Our Past is at the RDS this weekend running from 21 October to 23 October. The lectures are simply amazing at this years event and we will be on hand to help you with your family research and to overcome your research brick walls.

We will be promoting our event coming up in Tipperary in 2017, our clans and surnames week of family history research which concentrates on practical aspects of getting your family history research done or in some cases started.

In addition, we have a 3 hour research prize for a lucky winner this weekend, so do drop by for a chat with us. The programme guide for lectures, exhibitors and contact details for all is available here #BTOP2016   Programme Guide

Our Clans and Surnames Programme and event details are available at

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